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13 Windows 10 Tweaks for Better Performance

Whether your computer is old or new, you need it to deliver optimum performance to enjoy your work, gaming or media streaming experience. There are many reasons why the device […]

Ubuntu vs Windows 10: Which OS is Better for You?

Almost every PC or laptop available for purchase comes with a Windows 10 installation. Excluding Macs, you wouldn’t think that there’s much choice in the desktop computer market for different […]

OpenShot Video Editor: How to Get Started

Affordable, consumer-level video editing software used to be a needle in a haystack, and to find it for free was nearly impossible. However, the proliferation of smartphones coupled with a […]

What Is MMC.exe and Is It Safe?

Launch the Task manager on any Windows computer and you’ll find hundreds of system processes running in the background. Some of these processes are properly labeled and identifying their purpose […]

How to Convert IMG Files to ISO

IMG and ISO files are two common disk image file formats. They are often used to store, distribute, or backup the content and file system of optical discs (CD, DVD, […]

How to Delete a TikTok Account

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat—few apps get to reach the number of users and level of recognition that these social media pioneers have among the general population. One of the few […]

7 Best Email Clients for Chromebook

If you’re a Chromebook user and want to check your email and send messages from your device, you need an email client. Unlike Windows and Mac operating systems, which have […]