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6 Best Amazon Fire Tablet Cases

The Amazon Fire tablet is one of the best tablets focused on entertainment. Its 10.1 inch IPS LCD display with 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution offers a beautiful experience watching […]

How to Delete a Page in Microsoft Word

Don’t feel bad for having trouble deleting a page in Microsoft Word . While it seems like it should be a simple task, deleting a page in Word can be […]

How to Check the Type of RAM in Your Windows PC

RAM comes in various types, capacities, speeds and brands. If you ever want to upgrade your RAM or need to verify whether your system meets certain minimum requirements, you’ll have […]

How to Boost Microphone Volume in Windows 10

Nothing disrupts the flow of a virtual meeting or conference call like the other person constantly requesting you to speak louder or repeat what you said. More often than not, […]

How to Cite a YouTube Video in MLA and APA

The first rule of fight club academic writing is to cite your sources. (Honestly, we wish it were more common in other kinds of writing , too.) Two common styles […]

How to Rearrange Pages in Word on Windows and Mac

Word has a lot of powerful features that let you organize documents in sections, pages, and even an outline of the entire document structure. But rearranging pages in Word isn’t […]